How to put an end to all campers frustrations with WiFi.

Camping has become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more people seeking to reconnect with nature and enjoy the great outdoors. Campgrounds are getting creative and are diversifying their activities to attract more people. However, one persistent issue that many campers face is the challenge of getting a proper and reliable internet connection via a campground WiFi.

What do campers want?

As more people want to stay connected while away from home, they expect to have high-speed internet while away, and that includes campsites. What is supposed to be an important amenity, has become a frustration for many people leading them to complain about the unreliability, and most often the service is not adequate for their needs.

These are the most common complaints:

  • The speed is too slow.
  • Overcrowded network, too many people connected at the same time.
  • The connection is unreliable, often disconnecting people.

Why do campers need to have Internet access?

Campers may need to do video conferencing, access certain applications that are only available online, distance learning, download and upload files and may also want to stream videos during their leisure time. If a campsite doesn't have the Internet infrastructure to provide for the demands, people will move to a different location so that they can have a reliable Internet connection.

To be able to provide a better WiFi service, is necessary to add a Guest Internet controller which is a network product that has all the features necessary for a campground to offer a managed WiFi service. Guest Internet shares the Internet connection between many people and sets rules to prevent abuse of the service. Without a Guest Internet controller, the campground WiFi fails to deliver the necessary bandwidth and speed to everyone staying at the location.

The increase in WiFi service complaints and the demands of campers looking for places with WiFi service is leading campground owners to look for solutions.

Campground owners and similar hospitality businesses should consider offering a managed WiFi service at their premises as many campers only consider staying if there is a reliable, high-speed internet connectivity. Having access to the internet has become an essential part of a camping experience.

The campgrounds struggle

Many campgrounds struggle to provide a satisfactory WiFi service to campers and some have been neglecting to do it because:

  • Don't know how to do it.
  • Have a limited budget.
  • Get frustrated with all the technology involved.
  • Afraid of how much the implementation is going to cost.
  • Confused with different advice.
  • Don't want to be tied up with an IT firm to run the WiFi service.

There are two ways that campground owners can provide a WiFi service

Invest in an expensive solution which involves buying products, contract an IT company to manage the WiFi service, pay extra for support and changes needed in product configuration, firmware upgrades and other costs involved.


Install a Guest Internet controller with all the features already available for the  campground that is ready to use and any campground owner can configure the service by selecting the preferred options with a click of a button. With Guest Internet products campgrounds can monetize from their WiFi service helping them to get back some of the money invested in the infrastructure and pay for the Internet costs. Guest Internet provides free support, firmware upgrades, cloud management account to manage the WiFi service remotely.

Guest Internet products empower campground owners, so they can manage the entire service without depending on third parties to do it for them, and can save a lot of money when managing the service themselves. Guest Internet support team works together with campgrounds to help with any modification in the service if necessary at no extra cost.

Campground owners are finally free from unnecessary costs, saving more money to invest in the property!

Guest Internet controller installations in campgrounds

The first diagram shows the Guest Internet service connected to an ISP where an Internet service is available.

WiFi internet for campgrounds and RV parks with ISP access

The second diagram shows the Guest Internet service connecting to a Starlink antenna so the campground can provide WiFi Internet when there is no local service.

WiFi internet for campgrounds and RV parks, remote with Starlink

Guest Internet can improve the Internet performance where an ISP connection is available by adding a Starlink satellite connection. This adds the data speed of both networks with the added benefit of extra reliability; if one network fails then all users are moved to the working network automatically.

What can Guest Internet controllers do for a campground and similar hospitality businesses?

A Guest Internet controller can do many things, it has hundreds of features that are very valuable to property owners wishing to offer a WiFi service, and the main ones are listed below.

  • Controlling and maintaining a WiFi service has never been so easy.
  • There is no extra cost after purchase of the Guest Internet controller.
  • It's designed for campground owners, easy management.
  • Make an internet connection totally reliable.
  • Prevents unauthorized access by giving everyone a WiFi access code.
  • Promote your business via the login page, boosting your social media engagement.
  • Ends campers frustration, everyone is satisfied with the WiFi service and they can recommend it to others.
  • Connects more than 1 ISP, adding up the bandwidth so there is more bandwidth available to everyone.
  • Isolate your campground WiFi from the campers, its better and safer.
  • Has a powerful firewall to protect against malware and cyber attacks.
  • Offer FREE or PAID WiFi access.
  • Determine the speed for uploads and downloads, WiFi access duration, etc.
  • It tells you when some other component of your network fails so you know what to do.
  • It breaks you free from being tied up with an IT company just to run the WiFi service.


Campground owners can easily and confidently manage a WiFi service, make changes when necessary without paying for IT visits. Guest Internet products ensure that campers can stay connected, feel productive and entertained while they are enjoying the outdoors of a campground. As the campground industry continues to evolve, WiFi services are becoming crucial to attend demanding campers who need better connectivity to perform tasks. By addressing the root causes and working together with campgrounds, we can ensure the success and satisfaction of campground owners and similar hospitality businesses.

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