Woman at a campground using the Internet WiFi service to stream videos.

Campground voucher printing for Internet WiFi access.

Hospitality businesses such as campgrounds are getting more people wanting to have access to better Internet speeds.

Campgrounds and RV park businesses are often at remote locations where 5G mobile coverage is limited. The business may have an Internet service that will provide guests with WiFi Internet. If no Internet service is available at the business location then the Starlink service can be used.

The installation of the WiFi system plus the monthly service charges are an expensive cost for the business. However the business can charge guests for the WiFi Internet service and make a profit with the installation.

Sharing an Internet connection with everyone at a campground means that everyone will be experiencing some type of problem: Internet is too slow, too many signal interruptions and some will not be able to connect.

Why does this problem happen? Because some people will consume more of your Internet speed than others, and neighbors that are not suppose to connect will be enjoying your Internet connection.

How to solve the Internet WiFi access problem?

Connect a Guest Internet controller such as Guest Internet GIS-R4 to your Internet connection, add a Guest Internet GIS-TP1 ticket printer to print out the WiFi access codes and give a code to each guest when they arrive.

There are two methods of charging for the WiFi Internet service when a Guest Internet controller is installed.

  1. Print vouchers with access codes in the office and sell vouchers to guests.
  2. Guests can pay online for the service using a credit card.

The diagram below shows how the WiFi Internet service is provided for guests. The Guest Internet controller manages the service. A wireless access pointcan be installed in the office for guests and staff to use. An outdoor long range wireless access point is installed at a high point, on the building roof or on a mast so that it is visible from all points of the campground or RV park. When guests connect to the WiFi they will see a login page. Then they enter the voucher code that they purchased to get access to the Internet.

Campground using Guest Internet GIS-R4 controller and GIS-TP1 ticket printer to sell Internet WiFi access to guests.

With Guest Internet you can specify the duration of the code, how much speed people can use to make sure they don't abuse the service and stay connected. It's a great way to keep your Internet service organized and safe.

You can either sell the codes if you want to monetize from your Internet connection or you can give the codes and include the cost in the campground or RV park fee.

The advantages of using a Guest Internet controller, besides organizing how your Internet connection works for guests are:

  • The neighbors will not have access to your Internet connection, which improves the bandwidth for everybody else trying to connect.
  • It adds layers of protection against malware, preventing your computer network from being infected costing you lots of money to repair.
  • You can manage everything remotely, you don't have to be at the site to control how your WiFi service works.

If you want to know more about how to offer a WiFi service the right way, contact us, we would be very happy to explain.


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