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There is a big demand with WiFi Internet at campgrounds and RV parks and Guest Internet managed WiFi is the best method to deliver a great service, and it will make money for the business

Campgrounds and RV parks have a constant demand to provide a WiFi Internet service for many different groups of guests.

  • Vacationers who post photos and messages on social media for friends and family, and also enjoy watching Netflix, playing games and live chats.
  • Tourists from abroad without mobile phone Internet access who need to check information such as maps, emails and communicate with family and friends.
  • Digital nomads who work using a computer while traveling the country.
  • People who are moving into campgrounds or RV parks as a temporary or permanent way of living.

Vacationers will use a 5G connection if available to access the Internet from a mobile phone. However many wilderness campgrounds and RV parks have no 5G wireless coverage. The WiFi service is a decision factor for many groups of guests and they will choose a location based on WiFi availability and quality, and frequently they check reviews about the campground WiFi service.

Digital nomads and remote workers rely on having great WiFi access and so they choose campground and RV park locations based on the availability and quality of WiFi and avoid locations without WiFi, which means that some businesses are missing on the opportunity to attract even more people. Some digital nomads have purchased a Starlink antenna with roaming for RV’s so that they can work from anywhere, but this service is expensive, only available for those that can afford it. Campgrounds and RV parks that do not have WiFi for guests will not have access to the digital nomad customers.

Campgrounds and RV parks that provide a good managed WiFi Internet service will make guests happy, they will come back more often, recommend the business to family and friends, but also post on their social media accounts ensuring that many people know about the business; a fantastic way to promote the business brand. In addition, campgrounds and RV parks can charge for the service. People are willing to pay for more bandwidth to enjoy the luxury of watching their favorite programs online (YouTube, Netflix) do some work and their kids can enjoy playing games. When more people enjoy the WiFi service, the more free marketing for the campground or RV park business.

Roverpass wrote a great guide that you will find very helpful called "Top 5 Wifi Solutions for Your Campground" where they explore the top five Wi-Fi solutions designed specifically for campgrounds to enhance guest experiences and satisfaction.

What types of Internet service can campgrounds and RV parks use, if available, to provide a WiFi service for guests?

  • A DSL connection over a phone line, the data speed is slow and unsuitable to share between guests, this is suitable only to connect the campground or RV park reservation system.
  • An optical fiber connection will have a high speed data and can provide a good guest WiFi service, fiber connections are available up to 1Gb/s speed which can provide a WiFi Internet service for hundreds of guests.
  • Satellite connection; HughesNet offers a geo-stationary satellite service with sufficient speed, however there are surcharges for high data use, Starlink LEO satellites offer a higher speed suitable for a shared WiFi service and there are different options for businesses.

Very few campground and RV park locations have access to fiber and so the only viable service is satellite, with Starlink providing the best service for the guest WiFi.

Any type of service has limited speed and so if many people connect to a single service the performance will deteriorate and people will complain. It is essential that the WiFi service be managed properly and efficiently to ensure that all guests have a good quality WiFi service, and that's exactly what Guest Internet Managed WiFi does. Guest Internet has a range of different products to suit every campground needs, from small to big campground and RV sites. Many campgrounds, RV parks, resorts, glamping sites, caravan parks and similar hospitality business use Guest Internet products.

When campgrounds and RV parks provide a good WiFi service they can charge for the service with daily and weekly rates. Guests can make the payment on-line and the campground or RV Park can also print Internet vouchers and sell them at the site store, such as using the Guest Internet GIS-TP1 ticket printer available in our store.

Guest Internet GIS-TP1 ticket printer to print internet access vouchers

The campground of RV Park can easily cover the cost of the Starlink Internet service by charging guests for use of the WiFi. People who visit campgrounds and RV parks are accustomed to pay a reasonable fee for the WiFi service if they need it and most visitors do use the WiFi. Families with children are also WiFi users as younger people enjoy playing on-line games and WiFi is essential for that.

The best option today for a campground or RV park to provide WiFi for guests is a Starlink service. The first consideration is which Starlink service to choose:

  • Residential service: The antenna costs $500 and the monthly service is $100. The data speed is up to about 150Mb/s however the service has a monthly data cap so this is not suitable for a guest WiFi service.
  • Business service: The antenna costs $2500 and the monthly service is $500. The data speed is up to about 500Mb/s and there is no monthly data cap. The data speed is sufficient for 100+ guests.

Here is a simple example of cost vs. income calculation. A campground or RV park that has 50 WiFi users who pay $2/day ($14/week) will generate an income of $3000 per month. This will cover the cost of the business antenna monthly service and pay for the Starlink business antenna in the first month of service.


Guest Internet Managed WiFi installation at campgrounds, camping sites, RV parks and resorts


The installation of the Starlink antenna together with the WiFi antenna is shown in the diagram. Both antennas are installed on a mast. The Starlink antenna requires a view of the sky from horizon to horizon and so must be installed higher than the treetops. The WiFi antenna also has to be installed higher than the tree tops so that all guests have a line of sight view to the WiFi antenna, trees will block the WiFi signal. A large campground or RV park will require additional WiFi repeaters, or a mesh wireless network to provide good WiFi coverage for all guests. If all this sounds complicated, do not worry, you have us to help you out. You can always get in touch with us to talk about how to implement these changes at your campground, for free.

There is one additional essential part of this installation, that is the Guest Internet managed WiFi gateway, installed between the WiFi antenna and the Starlink antenna. The Guest Internet gateway is a unique product that has all the managed WiFi features needed to provide a great and unique WiFi service for guests.

Guest Internet Range for of products for campgrounds, GIS-R6, GIS-R10, GIS-R20 and GIS-R40

Campgrounds, RV parks and resorts can use the following Guest Internet products to managed their WiFi network:

  • Guest Internet GIS-R6: High-performance, multi-functional, speed of 200Mb/s, FREE and PAID Internet access.
  • Guest Internet GIS-R10High-performance, multi-functional, speed of 400Mb/s, FREE and PAID Internet access.
  • Guest Internet GIS-R20: High-performance, multi-functional, speed of 600Mb/s, FREE and PAID Internet access.
  • Guest Internet GIS-R40: High-performance, multi-functional, speed of 1.000Mb/s, FREE and PAID Internet access.

A managed WiFi gateway is essential for the following reasons:

  • Share the Internet connection between many guests so that each guest has a great Internet service.
  • Provide a differential service for special customers if required.
  • Provide a login page with several options for access and payment. For example the campground or RV park may decide to give 30 minutes free access per day and then have a fixed daily charge for guests who need additional Internet access.
  • The login page can be customized and advertise additional services that the business provides.
  • Online credit card billing for guests who want to purchase Internet access.
  • Voucher printing for Internet access to sell vouchers in the site store.
  • Protection mechanisms to ensure that the Internet service is not abused.
  • Reports showing Internet use to monitor the Internet service.
  • Cloud management so that the service can be managed from a distant location, this is also ideal for a business that has several campgrounds or RV parks, the WiFi for all sites can be managed through one computer screen.
  • Failure monitoring of each wireless access point and the Guest Internet gateway, an email alert is sent the business owner and IT person if a failure occurs or if there is a loss of the Starlink Internet service.

How you benefit from Guest Internet Managed WiFi products:

  • Very easy to install, plug and play, no need for a technical expert.
  • Guest Internet offers FREE cloud management, while many competitors charge for this service.
  • Guest Internet doesn't charge any subscription fee, different from many competitors.
  • You get FREE customer support from real experts during the product's life expectancy, Guest Internet products are reliable, robust and last for years. You also get FREE consultations about how to improve your network.
  • FREE software upgrades, so you get the latest features. 
  • The Guest Internet products allow your staff to have a separate WiFi access from the campground visitors, keeping your WiFi network organized and safe.
  • There is no limit of users, you can add as many people as you need.
  • We have 7 different login procedures where you can customize it to promote and increase awareness of your brand, announce new events, special offers, promote other business partner services and etc.
  • You can charge for Internet access via credit card or use the GIS-TP1 to print out Internet access vouchers with Internet codes.
  • Guest Internet protects your business with cybersecurity protection to avoid cyber attacks into your network. This is important as people access many different websites, download files and click on suspicious emails which increases the chances of an attack when you don't have the proper cyber protection.
  • With Guest Internet you can make your WiFi network family-friendly by blocking unwanted websites, also avoiding Internet abuse.
  • A range of special reports are available to help you monitor and analyze the WiFi user traffic, helping you make better and appropriate changes to your WiFi service so it works the way you want.
  • Guest Internet products monitor the WiFi service for failures, and when there is one an alert message is sent immediately to the business owner or the IT department so problems can get fixed quickly.

All campgrounds and RV parks benefit tremendously by providing a great managed WiFi service for guests to use during their stay, and Guest Internet products help visitors and staff have a great experience.

Guest Internet makes it easy for guests to post on social media, which will advertise the business and they will give great reviews after their stay. People love sharing the fun moments they have with loved ones and the world and when they tag your business, you don't just get known by the fiends and family, but by the world. 

For more details about Guest Internet products, please visit www.guest-internet.com

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