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A plan for campgrounds, RV parks and caravan parks to provide a great Internet service for visitors

There are two problems that vacation businesses such as campgrounds, RV parks and caravan parks have to provide WiFi Internet for visitors:

  • The first is the WiFI coverage
  • The second is managing the WiFi service

WiFi technology is designed for short-range use indoors. WiFi technology can be adapted for outdoor use over long distances and Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP’s) do this.

There are several requirements however:

  • Provide a very tall tower to install the antennas, this must be over the tree tops and must have a line of sight visibility for all parts of the park
  • Install very powerful outdoor wireless access points with directional sector antennas, such products are made my Ubiquiti. These wireless units and antennas look like the antennas that mobile phone companies put on their towers
  • Provide wireless receivers for sale or rental so that guests can use with Internet TV’s and similar devices. Many RV’ers already have these wireless devices installed in their vehicles

The WiFi service must be managed to ensure that guests get a good Internet service. A managed WiFi controller is available from Guest Internet and has the following features:

  • Access control with a login page to ensure only authorized guest use the service. If many people have access the service will degrade
  • Share the Internet bandwidth between many guests, prevent any guest hogging the service
  • Add multiple Internet connections to increase the bandwidth available, for example have fiber plus a 5G connection plus a Starlink antenna, Guest Internet products can connect to multiple provides and share the bandwidth, they also switch users to a working circuit if one fails
  • Have features to prevent abuse and monitor the use of the network
  • Monitor all the network components for failure and get an alert, repair the problem before the guests complain
  • Have cloud management so that the network can be managed and monitored from anywhere

Guest Internet products have been installed by thousands of campsites, RV park and caravan park owners to provide the best possible Internet WiFi service for guests.

Please call us on 1-800-213-0106 to help you give your guests a wonderful WiFi service.

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