Guest Internet GIS-TP1 Hotspot Access Code Ticket Printer for Optimal Control of Internet Access

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The Guest Internet GIS-TP1 Hotspot Access Code Ticket Printer allows you to offer FREE and PAID Internet access to guests. Prints out personalized guest tickets with unique access codes and other information on a 58mm thermal paper.

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Special Features:

  • A robust model built to last is an efficient and organized way to print many guest tickets with access codes and text information for guests.
  • Popular in +65 countries.
  • To be used with all Guest Internet Hotspot Gateways expect the GIS-K7.
  • Allows businesses to manage and control FREE or PAID WiFi.
  • Simplifies the management of access codes getting you organized.
  • Access codes set the limits to overall bandwidth and bandwidth per client to upload and download files.
  • It allows you to personalize your tickets with the text information you want to distribute your Internet connection with a unique code and password.
  • The access codes are ONLY valid for the period of time given to a guest, avoiding guests spending more time using WiFi then they should.
  • You can determine the number of devices the guest can be connected to with the purchased voucher.
  • The ticket printer can be controlled using an iPad, tablet, smartphone or computer that is connected to the GIS gateway.
  • The ticket access can be selected from one of 10 options, and access code duration can be selected from 30 minutes to 180 days giving guests many options to meet their needs.
  • The printer connects directly to any GIS gateway using an Ethernet cable.
  • The printer can be used optionally as a point of sale terminal in conjunction with a tablet using software available in every gateway.
  • Very easy and fast to install and operate.

Item Weight: 1lbs

Product Dimensions: Length - 23cm / Width - 15cm / Height - 13cm

Color: Black

Manufacturer: Guest Internet

Warranty: 1 year

Datasheet: Click HERE for more information

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