Ubiquiti power over Ethernet PoE power supply 24v, 1A, Model GPB240-100

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Switching mode power supply, power over Ethernet Ubiquiti model GP-B240-100. Input is 100 to 240v, 50/60Hz Maximum 0.75 amps. Output is 24v at 1 amp.

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Special Features:

  • Suitable for the GIS-K3 and GIS-K7, and any other 24v PoE product.
  • Output voltage ++ pins 4 and 5, - pins 7 and 8.
  • Brand: Ubiquiti Networks.
  • Item length: 86mm.
  • Item width: 56mm.
  • Item height: 32mm.
  • US standard 3 pin power cord.
  • CE and FCC.
  • UL listed 39PW E325809.
  • Power indicator LED and reset button.
  • Made in China.

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