STAR-5 Kit is an easy to install kit that provides an apartment building Internet service using a Starlink antenna

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Provide Internet service for an apartment building with the STAR-5 kit and your Starlink antenna. The STAR-5 kit can provide an Internet service for 50 or more residents when connected to a Starlink antenna. The GIS-K5 wireless Internet controllers connect to the Starlink router via the PoE switch. The GIS-K5 wireless controllers are installed throughout the building to provide good wireless coverage. Additional STAR-5 kits can be added for very large buildings.   

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The GIS-K5 wireless Internet controller set rules for Internet access so that the service from one Starlink antenna can be shared between many people, and to ensure that the Starlink data capacity is not exceeded which may result in a service interruption. The rules include the duration of access, maximum data speed, maximum data volume, and time at which the service can be used. Access is provided with a voucher that can be printed using the free Cloud service. The voucher access code has the rules for Internet access. Guest Internet has no other charges and the equipment is very easy to use so it is not necessary to rely on an ‘expert’ to operate the system, anyone can do it.

The GIS-K5 wireless Internet controller has all the features that are essential to manage the Starlink Internet service for many users. The STAR-5 kit provides Internet to apartment or office buildings.

Guest Internet has no other charges and the equipment is very easy to use so it is not necessary to rely on an ‘expert’ to operate the system, anyone can do it.

STAR-5 Kit Special Features:

  • Share or sell an Internet service in an apartment building using Guest Internet to manage the Starlink service.
  • Easy self-install and management of the Internet service, you do not depend on others.
  • Customize your Internet service.
  • Print vouchers with access codes to give people access: duration, data speed and data limits.
  • Monitor the service for failures, get alerts.
  • Protection from abuse of the Internet service; prevents unauthorized Internet access.
  • No other fees, maintenance, license, software, services or contracts.
  • Free cloud service, manage the Internet from anywhere.
  • Print vouchers using the Cloud.
  • Free support and free upgrades.
  • Multi-language: English and Spanish.

STAR-5 Kit Includes:

  • 4 Guest Internet GIS-K5 high performance wireless Internet controllers.
  • Five-port PoE switch, 4 PoE ports and 1 uplink port that connects to the Starlink router Ethernet port
  • Ethernet cables.
  • Free Cloud account to manage the service.
  • Complete guide, how to connect, configure and provide your Internet service.
  • The Starlink antenna is not included.

Box Weight: 10lbs

Box Dimensions: Length - 36cm / Width - 36cm / Height - 25.5cm

Color: White

Manufacturer: Guest Internet

Warranty: 1 year

Datasheet: Click HERE for more information 


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