Guest Internet GIS-R40 Managed WiFi Quad-WAN Secure Internet Hotspot Gateway - Speed 1.000Mb/s.

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The Guest Internet GIS-R40 Managed WiFi Quad-WAN Internet Gateway is ideal for larger-size businesses that want to offer FREE and PAID public Internet access to guests and staff in a secure and enjoyable manner with speed of 1.000Mb/s accepting credit card payments.

* We ship products worldwide via UPS. If you are purchasing outside the USA be aware that UPS will contact you to request payment for the import duties when the product arrives at your country.

Special Features:

  • Suitable for hotels, motels, luxury resorts, casinos, large shopping malls, large retailers, large bookstores, universities, hospitals, airports, government buildings, sports stadiums and other large public locations.
  • Popular in +65 countries.
  • Built to last and robust. Easy and fast to install with step-by-step wizard.
  • Improve your guests satisfaction and productivity with easy and fast Internet access.
  • A high-performance and multi-functional Hotspot that allows business owners to control access through a customizable and branded log-in page.
  • No limits of users, add as many as you need. 
  • Custom login pages for FREE or PAID public Internet. Brand the login page to promote and grow your business.
  • NO monthly or annual fees.
  • FREE online support, cloud service and software upgrades.
  • FREE cloud system for monitoring and optimal management.
  • Quad WAN to improve reliability of the Internet service, 2 LAN ports with independent subnets.
  • LAN ports have V-LAN management to implement wireless networks with both guest and staff connectivity.
  • Advanced cybersecurity, content control and filtering offering better security and analytics for businesses about guest use.
  • Protects your network from hackers and malware protection minimizing company liability.

Item Weight: 11lbs

Product Dimensions: Length - 30cm / Width - 43cm / Height - 4.5cm

Color: Blue

Manufacturer: Guest Internet

Warranty: 1 year

Datasheet: Click HERE for more information

Product software features: Click HERE for more information

Cloud features: Click HERE for more information

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