Guest Internet GIS-K7 is a High Performance Outdoor Wireless Hotspot Gateway with Long Range WiFi.

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The Guest Internet GIS-K7 Wireless Hotspot Gateway, has WiFi of 300Mb/s with minimum WAN throughput of 75Mb/s. It is for outdoor installations, ideal for  WISP businesses. Provides FREE and PAID Internet access via printed vouchers.

Special Features:

  • Suitable for hotel outdoor areas, RV parks, public parks, campgrounds and mobile broadband networks for towns and cities. 
  • Very popular in 50+ countries.
  • The GIS-K7 can be installed on the roof of a tall building or tower to provide a line of sight connection to potential subscribers.
  • Improve your customers satisfaction and productivity with easy and fast Internet access.
  • A high-performance and multi-functional Hotspot that allows business owners to control access through a customizable and branded log-in page.
  • No limits of users, add as many as you need. 
  • Custom login pages for FREE or PAID public Internet. Brand the login page to promote and grow your business.
  • The vouchers can be sold to customers with a cash transaction or credit card.
  • The GIS-K7 includes access code generation and management that is used by the business owner to generate and delete codes.
  • Access codes can be prepared in a voucher format, edited and then downloaded to print on a letter size printer.
  • NO monthly or annual fees.
  • FREE online support, cloud service and software upgrades.
  • FREE cloud system for monitoring and optimal management.
  • 1 WAN port.
  • Advanced cybersecurity, content control and filtering offering better security and analytics for businesses about guest use.
  • Protects your network from hackers and malware protection minimizing company liability.
  • Supports multi-unit installations with roaming between wireless units to implement a mobile broadband network.

Item Weight: 0.5lbs

Product Dimensions: Diameter - 4.5cm / Length - 42cm

Color: White

Manufacturer: Guest Internet

Warranty: 1 year

Datasheet: Click HERE for more information


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