Authonet A300 Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) Cybersecurity Gateway

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Zero Trust network cybersecurity means never trust, always verify. Zero Trust has four principles that are implemented by the Authonet A300 gateway product. Identity verification and authentication of every user and device. Users and devices are given access only to the specific network resources they need to perform their tasks. Users have restrictions imposed for access to Internet services. Continuous monitoring of network activity can identify potential threats and alert intrusions. Protect your business now with the same technology as Google, Amazon and banks use.

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Special Features:

  • Allow only pre-approved devices to connect to the business network.
  • Authenticate users with or without approved devices using a password.
  • For added security authenticate users with 2-Factor authentication, an authorization code is obtained from the users mobile device.
  • Determine what network devices that the user can access and what network devices are blocked to the user.
  • Determine what Internet IP addresses or domain names that users can access or are blocked from accessing.
  • Block access to malicious websites.
  • The login page for authentication is configurable; use the default settings or create a customized login page.
  • Intrusion Monitoring: List the authenticated users. List IP requests not authenticated. Alert admin of unknown MAC IP request. Failed authentications alert the admin. Network performance report.
  • No additional fees for customers after installation.
  • Recommended for smaller businesses with less then 10 employees.

Item Weight: 2lbs

Product Dimensions: Length - 13.5cm / Width - 22cm / Height - 3cm

Color: Black

Manufacturer: Fire4 Systems Inc.

Warranty: 1 year

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