The hotspot login page can be customized in 3 different ways:

  1. Select from one of 12 built-in designs using the wizard
  2. Upload a background image with a logo or picture
  3. Upload a professionally designed login page

The built-in wizard is easy to use; simply select a picture, give the hotspot a name, some contact details and a message for the guests.

See a demo of the hotspot login page wizard.

Any web designer should be able to put together a custom login page using the Guest Internet product manual, the best designer for the job is usually one you already with.


The login page can also be professionally designed using HTML/CSS or Flash. The custom design is often used to give the hotspot login page the same appearance as the hotspot owner's web site, reinforcing the brand and providing a familiar look and feel to guests.

Other pages can also be uploaded with the login page to create a browsable web site on the hotspot (no need to access the Internet). Pages containing restaurant menus, legal texts (terms/disclaimers) or support information can easily be displayed to guests.

'Walled gardens' can also be set up so the guest can browse web sites, including the owner's and partner's web sites before having to log in or pay for access.


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