Guest Internet Managed WiFi products for controlling public Internet service

Providing a WiFi Internet service for the public is very different from a business that provides WiFi for staff.

  • Business computers stay connected to the WiFi, public WiFi users have to find the WiFi service then connect to it.
  • The WiFi network in a business is encrypted and secure, the users don’t have the encryption key, a public WiFi service is not encrypted and so it is possible to see the WiFi data from all users, a good reason for a public WiFi user to have a VPN service.
  • If a business WiFi user has a problem connecting to the WiFi there is the IT support person who can help, a public WiFi users has no one to call if it is not possible to connect to the service.
  • The business WiFi user has unlimited access to the Internet, a public WiFi user has limitations, which might be a limited duration of connection, limited data speeds, limited data volume, and the public WiFi user may have to pay on-line for the service.

Guest Internet has developed a managed WiFi technology that permits the provider of the Public WiFi Internet service to control many parameters of the service to meet the expectations of the users.

Managed WiFi features that Guest Internet products provide the following:

  • Login options: 7 login methods are available:
  1. No login page but all controls apply, for condominiums.
  2. Login page, agree to the terms and conditions.
  3. Login page, enter an access code provide by the business.
  4. Login page, purchase an access code on-line.
  5. Login by providing contact information, sent to the business.
  6. Login combining free limited access plus code extended access.
  7. Login combining free access plus enter code plus purchase access.
  • Access codes, can be generated on a gateway for use with that gateway, or generated for a cloud group and used with all the gateways in that group which is ideal for a hotel chain where a code can be used in any hotel.
  • Codes can be printed using the GIS-TP1 receipt printer or vouchers can be printer on a letter-size printer in a 4x4 format, 16 vouchers per page. Up to 10,000 vouchers can be printed at one time.
  • Access control using codes has a number of parameters; duration is from 30 minutes to unlimited, code start time can be specified, maximum download and upload speeds can be specified, maximum download and upload data size can be specified, the number of people who can use the code are specified, from 1 to unlimited.
  • Internet access can be charged on-line using a credit card payment to purchase an access code.
  • The Guest Internet gateway and cloud service can monitor the gateway, Internet connection and wireless access points for failure and then alert the supervisor about the failure. This feature is important as there is no other indication that a wireless access point has failed.
  • The PCI DSS compliant firewall protects the business from attacks when the public WiFi Internet service is connected to the same ISP as the business computers.
  • The firewall can block file sharing using the Torrent protocol, can block routers to prevent one person sharing access, and can block some viruses like DoS.
  • Reports show connected devices, authenticated users, data traffic per user, WAN usage to identify overloads and a billing report when credit card payments are used.
  • Some Guest Internet gateway products have dual-WAN and quad-WAN that permits two or more ISP’s to be connected to increase the Internet speed and also fail-over to the working ISP when one fails. This feature is ideal for using the Starlink satellite service as a second ISP.

Contact us or Guest Internet to find out more about using our products for your application.

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