easyWISP EZ-250R Network Access Control Router with 250Mb/s and Free WISP management account.

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The easyWISP EZ-250R Network Access Control Router has a WAN throughput of 250Mb/s. The EZ-250R includes the EZ-Cloud WISP management system FREE of charge.

Special Features:

  • Extremely popular in emerging economies such as Latin America, Caribbean, Africa where operating cost is an issue as easyWISP eliminates monthly charges.
  • easyWISP controllers are self-configuring and the easyWISP EZ-Cloud  management system is simple to use. The only technical skills required are for the configuration of wireless access points.
  • The EZ-Cloud has no limit on the number of subscribers and a cloud account can support an unlimited number of easyWISP controllers. Where access control is installed at the tower as an alternative to the network operation center.
  • Adds and manages subscribers in an efficient way.
  • It allows you to create multiple rate plans for subscribers (cost performance tiers).
  • Fixed broadband pre and post-paid subscriber billing with invoicing, collection notification and past-due disable.
  • Access code generation and authentication for mobile broadband non-subscribers.
  • Detection and alarm of easyWISP and subscriber data link failures.
  • CRM portal that subscribers use to access account data and submit a support ticket.
  • Report categories including billing, maintenance, data traffic and support.
  • Protects your network from hackers and malware protection minimizing company liability.
  • NO monthly or annual fees.
  • FREE online support, cloud service and software upgrades.
  • WAN1, RJ-45 Gb
  • LAN1, LAN2, LAN3, LAN4, RJ-45 Gb
  • 110/220 Volt operation, rack mounting, robust and suitable for a tower equipment cabinet or NOC installation.

Item Weight: 3lbs

Product Dimensions: Length - 24cm / Width - 44cm / Height - 4.5cm

Color: Black

Manufacturer: easyWISP

Warranty: 1 year

Download the data sheet

Download the easyWISP Cloud management system data sheet


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